Despite what many other travelers before us have told, south east Asia is
not always as cheap as you may think…

Before leaving the UK we heard repeatedly how cheap we would be able to live in Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia. Friends, sisters, cousins and next doors cat told us that they heard we could live on anything ranging from £2.50 to £10 a day. The fact is not that they were wrong, but unless you’re keen to lose some weight and sleep on the floor – 2.50 just won’t cut it.

We’ve mapped out the cost of all our accommodation from the last 3 months below to help give you a rough idea of what you can expect to spend. Just a few points around the kind of places we chose :

1. We have stayed in a mixture of hostels, cheap hotels and guest

2. Everything we have gone for has been a budget to mid-range place
(ok I admit – once we splashed out on a 4 star hotel, so shoot me).

3. Almost all decisions have been based on trip advisor, or booking
website reviews with the exception of some recommendations.

Split between private and dorm rooms :