2. Cambodia

Innnnnn two is Cambodia. This was somewhat of a surprise for me as I didn’t really have huge expectations and didn’t really know what to expect. However, it was one hell of a pleasant surprise and we had some truly spectacular meals at a very fair price. The local Khmer food was consistently very tasty and uniquely flavoured, if perhaps not with as much variety as Thailand, with the Khmer noodle dishes and curries a particular highlight.

Even though I had some cracking local Khmer food (shout out to Nyom restaurant in Sikhanounville), what surprised me was the quality, quality and price of the ‘Western’ food. Now I know you’re sat there rolling your eyes at me and saying “typical British” or “you should be eating local food you fat fuck”, but after nearly 3 months of rice and noodles (admittedly the odd KFC or Maccies was consumed in Saigon or Bangkok) I was in need of a good old Pizza or Burger. Now let’s get one thing straight, between the two of us we’ve had some bloody monstrous burgers in Manchester and in the US, but in Phnom Penh we both agreed this little burger shack called Cousins rivalled them all. Served on a fresh seeded bun with thick, juicy beef patties and a wide variety of accompaniments added to the burger (bacon, sausage, mustard, ketchup, pickles, pepper sauce , you name it they’ve got it!), a choice of homemade chips or sweet potatoes fried and a selection of 4 dips. Massive, tasty and only 4-6 dollars. Class.

Favourite meal – we shared a delicious Lok Lak by a lake in Battambang with a few other travellers which was just stunning. Perhaps it was the fact we had been out since 8am and were in dire need of sustenance, but the mountains of perfectly cooked rice and bountiful portions of tender beef marinated in the delectable authentic peppery Khmer Lok Lak sauce made this truly unforgettable. Cost 4 dollars as well! 2 dollars each? Can’t go wrong at all.

Favourite Dish – I feel almost bad for saying this but, Pizza. Madness I know, however we had some really good pizzas and I mean really good. In most towns you can find at the very least one restaurant that had a genuine wood burner oven to cook with, which gives the crusts and the base that authentic taste that just can’t be obtained though a regular pizza oven. They tend to only set you back about 5/6 dollars as well for a 14 incher. A nice thick 14 incher always goes down well…

Tips – Although I have championed the quality of their western food, please please don’t forget to eat the Khmer food ! It’s cheaper on average and super tasty too! Also, for breakfast get the monster Victoria sponge style pancakes. Made a big man very happy and in a good mood for the rest of the day . Finally, I will be aiming to do a blog further down the line on beers drank , however , whilst on Cambodia it must be stated how cheap – and tolerable – their largess are. As shown below .

Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog to see who gets the bronze medal! 

By Ben Knight