What’s your name and what do you do?

My name is Becky, currently I’m unemployed. Before I quit my job to go travelling I was working in PR.

What made you want to go travelling?

Pretty much a host of complex reasons. To cut a long story short I was fed up with life in London, I was tired, I didn’t have any money and I felt that my life was unhealthy. I got to a point where I just thought fuck it lets bite the bullet and go. I thought that I was only going to get the chance to do this at this age now with no responsibility or relationship holding me back.

How long will you travel for ?

I’ve been out for 2 months so far, but the plan is to keep going for 4. I’ve been to Australia, Bali and in the next few months im heading to Thailand and Vietnam.

What is the worst thing that’s happened to you whilst travelling ?

Well, this drunk backpacker tried to get into my bed at 5.30 in the morning and wouldn’t take no for an answer. That was horrible, but I shouted at him and dealt with it. I never thought that I would have to say no to someone 30 times before they went away, and he got a bit handsy. I gave him a death glare the next day and after that he avoided me.

If you could go back now and get revenge what would you do?

I’d put hair removal cream in his shampoo, someone suggested various revenge things like poo in his luggage, laxatives and throwing his passport in the sea.

Is there any thing you didn’t do that you wished you’d done in Australia?

Sunrise walks and things that started early, but I was happy being lazy. I think that’s the type of traveller I am – which is one of the best things about travelling alone, you get to make your own schedule. Anything I missed will always be there waiting for me when i go back anyway!

Would you rather fight 12 lizards or 13 rats?

Lizards, how big are they? (They’re all the same size) yeah lizards don’t bite. I don’t want to squash them, just spear them. I’d just jump over them.

What are you most looking forward to ?

I’m not sure! Each experience is different and as long as the sun is shining I don’t mind where in the world I am, I’m looking forward to everything I have coming up!

What has been your best experience?

So far, Frazer island on the east coast of Australia, cliched I know but i just had the absolute best time.

Have you met any right weirdos on your travels ?

Well there’s your fair share of oddos everywhere, it always makes me worry if you’ve not met the weirdo in the hostel it’s probably you. Yeah I’ve met some eccentric people, not one I can pinpoint. I dunno, I think I might be the weirdo because I found quite a lot of people in Australia to be pretty boring.

… and the best people you’ve met ?

It’s been a great opportunity to meet people of all different ages and nationalities than me, but Australia is full of quite a lot of Brits so I’m looking forward to south east Asia for a bit more variation and the opportunity to meet people from different cultures.

Is there anything you’ve learnt or un learnt whilst travelling ?

Basically I’ve lost brain capacity but the main thing I’ve learnt is that it’s ok to be an introverted extrovert. (What does that mean ?) I do feel that at home a lot of the time, I’m expected to be very social and the life of the party – which I love. But somethimes I think that I don’t really give myself the down time that is necessary.  

Whilst I’m travelling out here I can go maybe 2 days with out speaking to anyone and just get engrossed in a good book, but then jump straight back in to the party. It’s great to know that I don’t always have to be around people to have a good time. I always knew I liked my own company anyway – now I know I really like it. 

Also just growing in confidence in other ways as well, like at home you get so dependant on your phone and google maps and that sort of stuff and I’ve found that when you don’t have access to it , you get such a great sense of freedom. Just like the good old days.

So what are your plans for the future?

I definitely want to travel more, I think the more people you speak to the more countries you add to the list, places like New Zealand I really want to visit and I think travelling shows you that you don’t have to live in the regimented way that you’re  brought up to in the UK. You don’t have to finish school, university  then get a job and settle down to be successful. There are different ways to live. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a failure if you don’t do what others expect you to. I think as cheesy as it is, being happy is the most important thing.

Top 3 destinations to visit ?

New Zealand as it’s apparently stunning, Cambodia and all of Brazil 🇧🇷 .